Baba Yaga is coming for your children

Baba Yaga is a Slavic folklore figure who travels around in a large mortar and uses a pestle as a rudder. She lives in a house standing on top of a single chicken leg, and she often plays both the role of a witch and a mother. It's a very visual description. 

I've had this idea for a character for the longest time named Annabel Ling. Originally, she was merely a kidnapper of children, but the more I developed her the more I realized I was re-imagining a modern-day Baba Yaga. 

Ling is inspired by the Great Leap Forwards Famine in China decades ago.

When messing around with this character, I thought a lot about a character who spent her entire life trying to convince herself that she has power over her own life and a choice in determining who she becomes. I think if she didn't try as hard as she did, Ling wouldn't have become as brutal and cruel a kidnapper.

As she became more vicious, Ling convinced herself it was because she wanted to become dangerous, and not for any other reason. And so she became her own echo chamber and got worse and more extreme in her ways.

But at least she enjoys what she does.